Newsletter - March 2014 Date: 26/03/2014

Bucklands News

By Terry and Michele Stewart

Welcome to our March Newsletter!

In the past four weeks Bucklands has received some wonderful rains alternating with warm summer days! The grass is green and long and the animals are all looking very healthy ahead of the upcoming winter!

We are very excited to be adding a lounge in at the Luxury Tented Camp during May and June. We think that the lounge area will be a wonderful extension to the camp and we are very keen to get started! Our aim is to create a space that our guests can retreat to when the days are warm or cold, a space where our guests can crack open a bottle of wine, read a book, or play board games with the family. Unfortunately it means the camp will be closed from the 5th of May until the 13th of June 2014. Our Bucklands Lodge will be open throughout this time however.

Contact us for special rates if you book out an entire Lodge – just the thing for a special occasion or a fun filled family Easter Holiday!


 Bucklands Game News...

By Iain Stewart

Game drives over the last four weeks have been rather exciting! We have come across and photographed Buffalo and Blue Wildebeest and Nyala which are some of our more elusive and quieter animals. Terry even saw a Hippo down at the river against the fence , this is an exceptionally exciting sighting because the Fish River Hippo are not limited Bucklands’ portion of the Fish River but are instead allowed to roam a large run of the Great Fish River. We were also wonderfully surprised with the exciting news of our sixth and latest Giraffe baby. If you remember a while back we spotted our fifth Giraffe baby on New Year’s Day, so this has really been an exciting time for Giraffe sightings, and babies, indeed!

One of the stranger happenings on Bucklands was the late dropping of a few Impala foals. The Impala normally calve in December, but this March we saw a few new born Impala walking around Bucklands with their moms. We think that this is because these new March foals are a result of the “false rut” by the younger rams in August 2013 trying their luck with the younger females!

Next month we are planning to capture and sell eight of our Buffalo. The specific day for capturing animals are never really set in stone, weather, time of day and many variables play a part in the outcome of a capture day! We aim to be able to capture two adult cows and six heifers which will be sold off, and two or three Bulls which will be moved onto the Bucklands Main portion of the Reserve.


Recent Guest Comments

“Thanks to Michele and Terry for a lovely stay, and thanks Craig for the serious drive looking for the Black Rhino!”
Brian and Margie Waddington – Port Alfred

“Had a wonderful time!”
Jessica Emms

“Great place – hopefully will be back from the UK”
Brian and Kay – UK

“Most enjoyable two days – Many thanks”
Bruce and Cynthia O’Ehley

Birding at Bucklands

Iain was lucky enough to photograph this Jacobin Cuckoo Dark Morph. This is a rather unusual bird because this Cuckoo, although a Jacobin Cuckoo, it has different colour markings i.e. It is totally black, and without the normal white on black plumage.

A Morph - A bird that has distinctly different plumage than the standard colours for its species. This classification applies only to adult birds, as sub adult frequently have different plumages but as they mature they will have the characteristic adult markings. A morph bird will maintain its colour differences throughout its life.


Bucklands Recipe

We have had a few cooler days and evenings here at Bucklands, and while summer begins to wind down, perhaps keep a supply of these ingredients in your pantry for the colder autumn and winter nights ahead.

Sweet potato and ginger soup
Serves 4

2 table spoons unsalted butter
2 red onions, sliced
1½ tablespoons fresh root ginger, grated
2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and diced
1½ litres chicken stock or water
150ml double cream
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon maple syrup
Juice of ½ lime

1 Melt the butter in a large pan and sweat the onions until they're starting to soften.

2 Add the ginger and cook until aromatic. Add the potato and stir until it becomes slightly shiny.

3 Add the stock or water. Cook for 30 minutes, or until you can mash the potatoes easily against the side of the pan.

4 Blitz in the pan using a hand-held blender, until you get a nice smooth consistency.

5 Stir in the cream, soy sauce and maple syrup and squeeze in the lime juice. Season to taste.

Grahamstown Arts Festival

Grahamstown’s Arts Fest will be running from the 3 – 13th July this year. Keep a look out for programs in May, and book your accommodation and shows well in advance to avoid disappointment!


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